Sunday, September 9, 2007

p.s.s. here is the picture

For reals now... :)

p.s. here is the picture I am!

Why, you may ask yourself...not exactly sure myself, but it sounded like fun. :)

My first example of how I have to save my children from my husband's horrible white trash habits is how he is training our 1 year old to take the empty Keystone Light cans to the trash.

I usually know there is trouble when I hear "Give it to mommy, Gage, tell her to throw it away and get me another one." I lean out of the kitchen to see my 14 month old proudly carrying an empty beer can.

Dustin is laughing of course but it's really not so funny when you have to pry the can outta his hands (my sons hands, not my husbands) because he thinks it's super cool to play with.

This scene combined with what Dustin dressed Gage in today for my early birthday lunch, clearly demonstrates how white trash he is. :) (as seen in picture below)

Anyways. nothing exciting. prolly won't write tons as I'm a very busy woman. :P